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Hello local upstate NY friends . My sister is hosting a show tomorrow night with Dryv3r who is an up and coming DJ and they will be doing some In This Moment remixes and having a great time . I am going to be there supporting them and want to see some familiar faces . It’s at the Fuze Box and the address is 12 central ave , Albany , NY. Doors open at 9 pm and dryv3r goes on at 12 midnight. Come out and say hello. It’s my home town so should be a blast . See you there!!!!! Yayyyyy. Xoxo Maria @mariabrinkofficial @officialitm

Did anyone go to this? Would love to see photos/videos!
Me with Maria and a drawing that I made for her in 2013.
The first time I met the band in 2012.
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I’d love to see any ITM/Maria Brink related tattoos, fanart, meet and greet pictures/stories….anything!!